literally sitting next to a group of sweaty white boys that are complaining about tomb raider. updates to come

UPDATE: sweaty white boys are compiling a list of most attractive female video game characters

literally sitting next to a group of sweaty white boys that are complaining about tomb raider. updates to come

Homework now. Then I’ll come back to do commissions while working on threads. I’ll be slow. On the bright side, they had a sale on tan-toned paper at my local art store so im HELLA excited for that 

I was going to post this days ago in honor of my second year on this blog and also for circe’s birthday but then i just didnt feel like finishing it haha. I still dont like it, but at least it’s done. 

Anyway, this is a redraw of this, which is such an eyesore to look at now. It’s from the first thread Circe and I did, aka the first time these two nerds ever met. Our babies grow up so fast. 

i was in a good mood for like 3 minutes and then 

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the only picture from otakon that matters 

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Good Times | Circe || Alex | (AU)



     Tiny steps were taken as she balanced the heavy weight of the cake, on the other side was the victim she had volunteered to help her pull off this task. “Lower your half   god you always think I’m just as tall as you.”

      Her remarks were only said out of love of course, for the cake was for a wedding; the wedding of the man on the other side of it to be exact. She had painstakingly worked hard, making sure even the smallest of details came out perfect. So it would explain her nervousness during this move.

                                          “Okay Okay, set it down gently.”

      Seemed as though she’s held her breath since they had lifted the cake from the back of the van, cause once it had finally been set atop the nicely clothed table a deep breath was finally released. Smoothing out the creases of the tablecloth, she takes a step back to examine their work.

      “We did a good job…ugh this place is beautiful.” Taking a look around, she can’t help but smile at how well the decorators did. But it wasn’t long till her gaze falls back onto her friend.

                                 “I can’t believe you’re getting married today…..”

   “Don’t say that — you’ll jinx it," he quickly quips, casting her a glance and a raised eyebrow before he proceeds to hold his hands on his hips, attention slowly shifting back to the cake they’d just sat down. "I mean, I’ve gotten this far and I don’t need your disbelief accidentally cursing me."

He has an expression on his face that makes it look like he’s going to laugh, but he just continues smiling instead. His surroundings aren’t lavish or garish and it doesn’t make them look like they live a life of luxury, but it’s beautiful all the same.

She’s right though — he can’t believe it’s happening either. And he’s the groom. “You sure everything looks alright? We still have enough time to rearrange anything we need too… right? Oh jeez — what time is it? We’re not running late right?

ok you guys can take your time replying to me because im going to be slow forever hahaha