Independent roleplay blog for Alexander Kozachenko from the film Resident Evil: Damnation.

I RP with canon characters and ocs

Slighty AU: Alex still has the parasite attached to his spine


Some time ago, Alex's brother passed away and he's only recently getting over his death.

He's left the Eastern Slav republic and now resides somewhere on the east coast.

He works as a consultant primarily for the BSAA.

He remains single and lives alone with his dog.


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    As some of you know I’m going to be visiting Alex for a week which means I would not be able to do any sort of replying. Yes I would lurk here and there but that’s about it, so until then I’ll be going on a teeny tiny hiatus from the 21st till the 25th, nothing major.

    In other news Circe’s going to tell Ches he’s going to be a daddy eue

this applies to me here too, of course. I may pop in to do some updates or minor mentions, but other than that I’ll be mia for the rest of this week. 


so were u cool, rugged? sippin on a hot day, relaxin in the breeze.



     His actions cause to her emit a soft laugh as an amused expression washes over her features. “You’re such a worry wart.” She teases, giving his cheek a light pinch, “I’m fine though   a few cuts but they’ve already healed.”

     It cannot be helped, the worry he has for her, it’s only fair that she returns the feeling when need be. But the question was, how long did he worry? Granted she felt guilt towards that, knowing that he went months without knowing where she was or if she was going to come back.

                                                “I’m sorry I worried you.”

He scrunches his nose up defiantly after she pinches his cheeks; she’s really the only person he’d ever let get away with it, which is saying something. 

              “—Just let me worry then. It’s what I’m good at.

Nervously, he shifts his weight from one leg to the other, eyes darting around the tunnel as if he expects something to attack them out of the blue. He’s lived a completely normal life this past year, but never once did he get any less paranoid. 

     ”There’s no use apologizing for something you couldn’t help. We just need to focus on getting out of here now, alright?

risking your dignity so the cute girl at school will like you  (◡‿◡✿)
Im officially on spring break so here’s some baby alex trying to woo his future fiancee 

risking your dignity so the cute girl at school will like you  (◡‿◡✿)

Im officially on spring break so here’s some baby alex trying to woo his future fiancee 

"Ever considered having your chest waxed?"




       ”Some of us haver better things to do with our lives than man-scape, agent Kennedy.

"Well, you must have a busy life if you can’t keep yourself trimmed." Saying this now, Leon sounded a bit high maintenance…



        “Or maybe I just still have my dignity intact.

spring break hELL YEAH 


     There was an audible sigh, she didn’t understand why he constantly did this; bring himself down. As far as she knew him, he always did. She just hoped that one day he would stop blaming himself for things that couldn’t be helped.

                “Alex   I’m not. Stop assuming that I am.”


       Nothing else was said on the matter, for when her comment was spoken Ranger had made his way over to her. Looking for some needed attention, he lays his head atop her lap.

   ”I’m not saying that I think you are… just that I don’t understand why you’re not—
               —you have every right to hate me, you know? And I almost feel guilty that you don’t… I feel like I got off too easy.

  Or perhaps that’s just the self-deprecation talking. He’s never exactly been the best at empathizing with people when they’re trying to be honest with him. 

Ranger returns to place his head on Circe’s lap; Anya follows suit, mostly because she’d been trying to nibble on his tail. He places a hand on the pups head before continuing. 

             ”I’ve got the death of four people on my conscious, you know? It’s hard not to assume the worst.