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Not so sweet surprise | Circe || Alex |


    “I can drive perfectly fine mind you.” Oh she knew that she would not go without her fair share of teasing from him, a shame that all the teasing was towards the baby. “I just have to adjust the steering wheel is all…”

    “The doctor did say that when I become closer to my due date that I should try to drive myself less, it’s safer.” Giving her belly a light thump, “gotta watch out for the peanut after all.” Granting a soft laugh towards the comment.

     ”Peanut? Ha — you’re going to have a hundred nicknames for it before you’ve even got a name," he half laughs as they approach the little shop. "Has my brother harassed you about any traditional slavic names? If he hasn’t, I can imagine that he will.

It’s kind of nice talking about Cheslov and not have it be about his death. It’s strange, to say the least, but what happened them was… well, it saved their familial relationship. And a part of him is scared to see what’ll happen when his brother eventually remembers what happened… 

hol Y SHIT. September 23rd is my 2 year anniversary on this blog. 

       Alright so a lot of new RE RP blogs are bound to pop up in the near foreseeable future, and idk i wanna say hi. Circe and I are the grandparents in the community apparently. Please visit more often. I have gross decorative hard candy and Circe will bake cookies. 

Not so sweet surprise | Circe || Alex |


    “God you’re so grumpy.” Lower lip protruding into a pout, her hands now rest atop the belly. “And that’s saying something coming from me.”

     She continues with her minor fit for awhile longer, until she realized that it was no use with him. “I was merely suggesting it, you seem more of a rocky road anyway.” Giving him a light jab in the arm.

     “Take a right up here, there’s a parking lot behind the place and normally you could find a good spot.”

   "Oh, ok — — ha-ha,he replies shortly, sure to add emphasis to incredibly fake laughter. He knows she’s joking, but he’s still going to make her feel bad for it. That’s just the kind of friend he is. “If you think I’m a rocky road, you should get a mirror. You’re like a… grumpy hill.

Well, at least he thinks he’s funny, and that’s the only opinion that matters, right? 

If you don’t think I’m going to hassle you back then you’re in the wrong car," he cracks half a smile, taking the turn when prompted. "Can you even drive? Or uh — does that get in that way?

Grasping Strings


Nothing is the same in replay.. Nothing is quite placed in the same way, but she was choking on the blood spilling from her eye as if it were drowning her.  The pain, and the screams that left her were things Alex would likely never hear from her again, and most certainly had never heard from her before.  They were awful.. Absolutely horrible to witness and experience first hand.

Fingers grip at whatever was within reach and suddenly it was Alex.  She was fighting, but she was so weak she could hardly do anything.  Her head tips back as she grabs for his shirt, holding it tight within her grip.. The screams just keep coming.. They took their time carving out her eye, making sure the eyeball was in tact as they sliced through the muscles and tissue..

And when it was all done.. Her head fell forward.. Her breathing strained.. and she… through all the pain.. she tries to laugh.. She tries so desperately to laugh…

I would rather die laughing than writhing in fear of the unknown…

It was all she could do to not break.  Temperance was trembling so hard it probably vibrated through Alex and into the ground they rested upon and all she could do was lay there against him..  She’s whispering… her breathy words were so hard to make out…
She’s repeating something… It’s lost in the shakes if he weren’t so close, but if he really listens… He could hear her repeating her motto over and over again.. 

And then…

"—g-go.. to hell…"

Helplessly, Temperance laughs a bit as she sinks back until she’s laying on the floor.. A pain ridden smile on her features… her single eye dilated before slowly closing with blood oozing passed the bandaging over her eye, down her cheek and dripping onto the ground.

It would take a moment for her to speak again.. her sole eye focusing on Alex with that smile lost and emotional pain filling it.  She begins to cough, and sob softly, laying her head back with her teeth clenching and her eye shutting tightly.

   He should get a doctor — she needs a doctor. But whatever hell she’s reliving? It’s not like he’s never been in this position before. The only difference between now and then is that they’re not surrounded by fire and rubble and she’s not his fiancee. 

But, yes, he can say with unfortunate certainty that he’s held a beaten, near-dead, red-head in his arms while being seemingly fruitless in making anything better. He can only hope that Temperance’s story has a different ending. 

           But a doctor — !!! 
           Where do you find a doctor in a hospital ? 

He’s experiencing a lot of emotions at once, and scared shitless is definitely one of them. And he wants to believe that his voice isn’t shaking slightly when he calls for help, but he’s too busy listening to her struggling for words to notice what comes out of his mouth. 

The breath he’d inhaled what feels like forever ago is still lodged in his lungs and he’d forgotten about it — he’d forgotten how to breathe. How do you forget how to breathe! Try being a useless bystander. 

If she was cursing him out and not some voice in her head, he would not have blamed her, nor would he have been surprised. And maybe it’s cliche and maybe it’ll mean nothing at the end of the day, but for a second — one split second — he doesn’t waver at all: 

                                                                    “ — Stay with me. 

i love it how the more I play alex the less heroic he gets. like… when i started rping him, i had him as the downtrodden hero who just wanted to be accepted and now he’s just slowly becoming a villain and idgaf 

Not so sweet surprise | Circe || Alex |


      “Hey thanks for taking me, usually I can get Ches to do this but since he’s away…that’s kinda impossible.” Sitting in the passenger seat, she gives her belly a gentle rub as she takes a glance out the window. “Plus he sort of volunteered you to take me anywhere…something about not wanting me to go on my own.”

       If you asked her what was the best thing during the pregnancy, she would tell you the food. Through the months her late night cravings had driven her to find some of the best food joints.

                                        Tonight was no exception of course.

       There was an ice cream stand than ran late into the evening due to the venue that was nearby. She had dubbed it the best ice cream when she had first stumbled upon it on a whim a few weeks ago with Ches, since then it has become a weekly stop.

                     “I think you may like their coffee ice cream, Ches always gets it.”

   ”I’m sure that, even pregnant, you could still give plenty of people hell." He’s joking with her, of course. And yet, he’s also not. It’s not uncommon for him to poke fun at her but she can be scary when she wants to. And he’s sure being pregnant only makes her trigger finger a little more eager. 

    “But of course he’d volunteer me," he continues with a soft scoff. He likes to pretend he’s got a real life outside of standing in as a glorified babysitter for his friend. And he’ll continue pretending to do so until he actually gets a life. The illusion makes him feel a little better about his life choices. 

                    “—You know, just because we’re brothers… 
                     doesn’t mean we like all the same food, right? 
                     I don’t even like coffee…”