remember the centaur au? what if i brought that back 

alex for community babysitter 2k14 

i was going to organize my icons based on emotion and then i looked at my icons and remembered that alex only has one expression 

Dear Leon S. Kennedy

Dear Leon, 

I think that if any of our actions had actually mattered, I’d probably hate you a little bit more. And that’s just me being blunt. I don’t think I’m the first person who’s been honest with you, so I doubt you’ll take offense. 

Things are better, no thanks to either of us. Better is subjective, but it could certainly be worse. I’ve yet to see worse, and I guess that’s a good thing. 

But you’re a big-shot, so I have to wonder if we left an impression at all or if you’ve moved on to better things. I haven’t. 

Dear best friend

Dear best friend, 

Circumstance has never been kind to us. I don’t think we would have met if our lives weren’t so horrible. Kind of makes you wonder, huh? If we lived happy, cheerful lives, we wouldn’t know each other.

Me? I’m just posing a question—I didn’t mean to sound morbid. I never intend to sound morbid, actually, I think that might just be my personality. 

I think about that day a lot, you know. In the tunnels. It was snowing, I’m pretty sure. Kinda sure. Not really, though. I’m not sure about anything, honestly. Just that it was very grey outside and dark underground. 

Sorry I’m rambling. I was going through my closet the other day and I found the jacket I was wearing, so I guess that’s what I was thinking about. Do you ever think about it? 


Send me a “Dear —-” and I will write my honest feelings to them.


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☓ Dear Ex-Best Friend
☓ Dear Best Friend
☓ Dear Future Girlfriend
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"hey what’s your sexuality headcanon for that character?"


since i have a mac, the window size is different and i just wanted to let u guys know that a lot of your blogs do not make any sense 

[txt]: doggy play date?

[ to: circe ];

[ txt ]; anything to get out of the house
[ txt ]; i bet ranger misses anya. he’s had no one to bite his tail for too long