firefly-soldier said: O.O That look, yo. Was the bachelorette upset or was it all a big joke?

When i say the bachelorette i mean the show

Misconception: Alexander is such an arrogant bitch who complains like an old lady and acts like a 5 years old

This isnt a misconception because I’m pretty sure this entirely accurate.

Well ok, i wouldnt peg him as arrogant, just kind of stupid and brash. And he doesn’t complain, really, unless theres a blatant problem that needs to be fixed ( like, you know, the entire nation being in crippling debt??? ). But no he 100% acts like an old person and then pouts like a small child.


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Send me a misconception you think people have about my character and I’ll explain if it’s true or not

Update: my aunt lied, she snores. Please save me.

Grasping Strings


This hospital in particular made her want to crawl away and hide.  Not that the nurses were rude, or the doctors were incompetent, but the atmosphere was daunting.  Death.. Always so much death in places like this.  It bothered her more than it should, but given the circumstances it wasn’t difficult to grasp why.  Sometimes.. she wishes she hadn’t survived.. The thoughts of having not were on the edge of her mind, but she was trying not to let the depression show, or the fact she was still mentally exhausted from everything.

There’s that tired look from him again; worn and weary from so little sleep.  Temperance had figured out the latch to push the railing down, so as she slowly sits herself up, she turns slightly to release it and just as carefully pulls her legs over the edge to face him.  It would be a slow process, but she was tired of being bed bound and in truth, she was doing physically much better than she had been.  Leaning forward, one arm wraps around her torso a bit to press the medical gown against her form.  She looks skinnier than she should; more pale and generally drained of health but her actions and the faint smile she held spoke volumes of her determination.

”..for.. a hoagie.. and booze..” she admits with an airy laugh, “—are you?” the redhead questions as she trails her hand through tangled bundles of red hair in an effort to look less like crap and more suitable for company despite Alex having been there all this time.  Lowering her hand from the mess of hair, she quickly grew tired of the constant pulls and snags she was faced with when attempting to straighten up.

” should eat..” her voice was still sore, but at least it functioned better now, “Maybe… sleep.. Y-you can have the bed if.. you want..” Not that the doctors would allow it.  She would have figured they would have brought one of those hide-a-bed chairs in here for him, or a cot of some kind for him to rest.

Did he feel so unnecessary?  She would have probably given him a stern talking to if she had known he felt that way; that he wasn’t worth much?  Temperance felt he was worth something.. Worth more than she would admit.. Though that kiss should have told him plenty about how much he means to her.

With a tired look meeting his, her hand lifts again to try and graze his cheek with her fingertips ever so gently, “..thank you.. for staying..” she finally whispers before drawing her hand back to steady herself on the edge of the bed.

    “Well at least you still have a sense of humor," he sighs, wiping the corner of his eye on his sleeve. Fancy dress had never been his repertoire, but he looks especially ragged these past few days, so much so that even he takes notice. He’s unusually accustomed to looking unkempt. Maybe he’d make it an art?

But, either way, his comment came off as somewhat… strange. As if he was—for once—actually trying to lighten the situation rather than the other way around. Even if his words are somewhat crooked, he at least means them genuinely. “Don’t worry about me. It’s not me in the hospital bed."

He’d never been one to accept others concerns; it was a natural trait that he’d had since he was born. He assumes it correlates to his status as first son, but others would beg to differ. Either way, his own wellbeing is not of his upmost concern for the time being, seeing as he’s still capable of walking without assistance.

But his words are followed by a soft sigh; he leans into her ghost of a touch just slightly before she draws back again. “I’m nothing if not a man of my words. I intend to follow things through."

Hey there! Just letting everyone know that we made it up north safe and the beach is hella rad. Unfortunately, my internet access is going to be sparser than i thought. Plus, no one here has a lap top so im borrowing someones ipad and typing on this thing is physically painful. I’ll do the best i can but dont expect much.

Steve Burnside

A sketch for anyone who can guess my top 5 characters!

Resident Evil - Steve Burnside ( lickerssuck )
Silent Hill - Murphy Pendleton ( professionalbaba )
Infamous - Reggie Rowe ( akutomi )
Dishonored - Sam, sam, the boatman ( the-ouija-board-sent-me )
Devil May Cry - Nero ( firefly-soldier )


how many shirtless pics of alex do you guys think i can draw within a span of 8 hours