since i have a mac, the window size is different and i just wanted to let u guys know that a lot of your blogs do not make any sense 

[txt]: doggy play date?

[ to: circe ];

[ txt ]; anything to get out of the house
[ txt ]; i bet ranger misses anya. he’s had no one to bite his tail for too long

15 Associations.



1. Animal  Sled dog
2. Colour  A really diluted red
3. Month —  November
4. Song  [ x ]
5. Number  1, 28
6. Day or Night Night
7. Plant  Cactus
8. Smell  Wood-smoke
9. Periodic Element W (Tungsten)
10. Season  Winter
11. Place ESR
12. Food Gingerbread
13. Astrological Sign — Libra
14. Element(s)  Ice
15. Drink Coffee

today looks like a good day to redraw old art 

Star symbol [Mobile]

★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?

tbh i don’t really have a favorite thread? Mostly because I dont really like the portrayal of my muse that I had about a year ago, and that’s when most of my threads took place. Plus I don’t like to pick favorites haha. 

A new Munday post on the block!


★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?
◆ If you had been born into your muse’s world, who would you be and what sort of life would you have?
☂ What are your favourite words?
● Admit to three guilty pleasures and/or embarrassing facts about yourself
♣ Out of all of the characters in your muse’s world, which would you be proudest to have had as your own child? What would you feel about their life choices?
☑ What is your most unusual, but favourite OTP?
☀ List three of your favourite things
♫ What was your very first fandom?
♥ Recommend one book, one movie and one song.
♔ Out of all the ships that you have/have had with your muse, which one was the most unexpected?

im not a model i swear the camera just went off

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hello this is bug speaking and apparently im everyone’s grandfather 

Grasping Strings


There’s this moment where the tears seem to freeze, pupil growing tiny as she stares at Alex.. This look of disbelief set upon her features all the more prominently.  She couldn’t believe this.. Why was he trying so hard?  Was she such a terrible, weak person that he felt it necessary to push her away like this?

And after she had her eye gouged out?

"Kill me." she says with gritted teeth.  She isn’t sitting, she’s standing with the hospital gown hung from her form.  Wincing at the sudden shock of pain now that the pain killers weren’t steadily flowing through her veins, she limps quietly around the bed not caring if he could see her undergarments through the back slit of the gown.  Who cared?  Not like he’d enjoy the view..

"Let me end up dead then!" turning back towards him, she felt her heart racing out of anger more than anything, "You’re not the only one having to take all this shit into account.  Do you think being close to me makes you safe!?  NO!  Look what just fucking happened to me, Alex!”  The F-word was rarely used by her.  This whole situation had her utterly livid, and it was not making her recover any better than if she were resting.

"I can damn well make my own decisions."  Was she reacting poorly?  Probably.. But for her, this was the worst thing.. She closed herself off, too.  She hardly ever let anyone in because of her own reasons, and suddenly she did.. and he saved her life… And now he’s tearing her apart from the inside out.  Her hand wearily comes up to rest against her forehead, fingernails gripping the tape of the gauze, "Why didn’t you just let me die?" her voice is weak, "…why did you have to kill me this way…"

Subject change?  What subject change?  No, he’s not skirting this that easily.

Being friends.. After this?  How hard would it be for both of them to just be friends after everything that’s just happened?  Temperance felt the world spinning around her as she walks slowly, using her hand against the wall to help support her towards the closet she thought her clothes might be in.

”..I’m not forcing you..” she says more quietly, “…but I’m not running away, either..”

                “You clearly can’t," he replies, unusually calm, in response to her insistence that she was capable of making her own decisions. He doesn’t mean to tell her that she doesn’t have a say in the choices that involve her, he’s just having a hard time understanding why she’s so uncooperative. Because he’s never been stubborn in his life.

You are speaking to me as if I was not there—as if I have never seen terrible things in my life," he continues, an icy facade decorating his features. "But you have to be able to make executive decisions. Not just for yourself, but for others.

It’s his mantra—he’s said this before. As if he’s some high authority that knows better than everyone else. His hands rest against his knees, which are bent in the sitting position.

Why don’t you focus on getting better before you start deciding your future." His hands are no longer on his knees; they’re flat and pressed together as if in a praying position. But he’s not praying—his index fingers rest against his nose so that he can feel his own breathing. "You should be more concerned with living than anything else.

He won’t answer her questions. He’s in a position where he thinks he’s right about everything, and the notion of humoring anything else doesn’t appeal to him. Under his breath, he mutters something along the lines of “you care too much about other people.